PVC compound

Multiquímica It has two industrial operations for the manufacture of PVC compounds; Dominican Compounds, SRL in the Dominican Republic and Multiquímica Centroamericana SA in Guatemala, both dedicated to the manufacture of rigid and flexible compounds, for various sectors of the industry, such as: construction, footwear, electric cables, plastic containers, printing sheets, and medical implements, among others, which allow us to serve the regional market: Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean and the United States.

We have the most advanced technology in the plastics industry, backed by a comprehensive quality system to ensure the total satisfaction of our customers.


(General Purposes)

Application: High pressure and drainage pipes, plastic parts, rigid and semi-rigid profiles, blown extrusion.

We manufacture rigid PVC compounds through the extrusion process, for the production of high pressure and drainage pipes in a wide range of diameters. Our Vinytek PT series pipe products are available in granular or powder form. We also manufacture rigid PF compounds, for the injection of plastic parts and accessories with optimal impact resistance characteristics, being especially useful in drainage and high pressure part applications.

Our line of compounds, Vinytek PW for the manufacture of rigid profiles, has excellent processing properties, finish uniformity, gloss and impact resistance.

We also manufacture PVC compounds for semi-rigid sheets and films, such as blister packs, labels, security bands, etc.

Extrusion Blown

Application: Containers and bottles.
We produce PVC compounds for the blowing of containers and bottles for the storage of drinking water, edible oils, lubricants and cleaning products. Our blow molding products are characterized by high thermal stability, excellent gloss and transparency, and high impact resistance. Availability for the manufacture of high impact bottles (up to 3000 ml), medium impact (up to 1000 ml), and low impact (up to 500 ml). Our clear compounds are available in shades of blue and dark, and we also produce opaque products in a variety of colors.


Application: Medical devices, shoe soles, agricultural footwear, printing sheets and strips, hoses, flexible profiles and packaging, wire coating and high and low voltage electrical cables.

**We use plasticizers without phthalates.

General use:
• Special flexible compounds, resistant to extraction by solvents and low temperatures, ideal for manufacturing medical devices and refrigeration equipment.

• General flexible compounds, used for the manufacture of hoses, structural and non-structural architectural profiles, for interior and exterior, with UV protection.

• Food grade and medical grade compounds, for the manufacture of food hoses and bags. In general, its use extends from liquid packaging to food protection.

• Compounds for the manufacture of sheets and flexible films.

• Food and medical grades are offered in a wide range of hardnesses. They are manufactured under FDA CFR21 regulations, and low odor.
• For sheets and films: high transparency and gloss, resistant to low temperature conservation conditions, resistant to tearing, possibility of pre-cutting. They are offered in natural, white and black colors.

Wires and Cables

Description and Use
A correct mixture of PVC resin, thermal Stabilizers, lubricants and minor ingredients ensure correct performance in the preparation of our compounds for covering electrical cables, whether in powder (dry-blend) or Pellets (granules).
Availability for cable covering TW (60°C) – THW (75°C) – THHN (105°C); medium voltage cables (105°C), and special cables such as fiber optics, telecommunications and automotive, among others, all following the regulations.


Description and Use
We manufacture high quality products for complete injections, injection of soles and boots, as well as PVC compounds for applications at low temperatures and resistant to oil, milk, blood. We also produce products that offer high abrasion resistance properties, ideal for the manufacture of specialized soles. We also have the Vinytek CQ series of products, clear, highly transparent compounds, and the CE line of the expansion and super expansion type, excellent for the injection of very low weight soles.

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